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Meet The Team

Jeffery Downs

Co-Author and CEO of Streaking

Jeffery J. Downs has worked with individuals and executive teams in both private and public organizations to translate strategy into record-breaking consistent revenue growth. Jeff has had numerous years of executive leadership experience and also has consulted numerous executive teams to improve execution and consistency. He is passionate about sharing the practices and principles of sustained positive growth.

Jami Downs

Co-Author of Streaking

Jami is a mother, leader, teacher, and passionate volunteer.  As the mother of seven children, she is an expert in logistics, negotiation, diplomacy, and project management. As a believer in the power of volunteering, Jami has served in many volunteer positions, often in a leadership capacity.  Her love of teenagers and her desire to empower young girls with confidence is evident in the many retreats, conferences, workshops and community service opportunities she has facilitated and organized.

Dave Bahr

Chief Technology Officer

Dave has spent many years working in both computer science and company development.  Over the years, Dave has developed and patented technology, helped revolutionize medical insurance billing, worked with the Pentagon, and created a worldwide SaaS system on which thousands of companies rely to accomplish their most critical objectives. He has also sponsored worldwide efforts to help with literacy and AIDS prevention.

Talan David

Director of Product Design

Talan David is known for his ability to translate vision to design. His longest streak is "Read Every Day" at 1,538 days. While attending Utah State University for his undergraduate studies, he started a video production company that created digital content for clients around the world. Many of his clients were internationally based and led him to film in Fiji, Iceland, Vietnam, Bali, and Tahiti.


Frequently asked questions

What is Streaking?

Streaking is a social movement where people from all around the world keep personal winning streaks alive to become the person they want to be.

Join the movement and download Streaking today!

Is the Streaking app free?

The Streaking app is completely free. So have no fear when inviting your friends to start Streaking with you.

How many streaks can I have?

UNLIMITED STREAKS! We don't want to limit your improvement.

However, for lasting success, start off with 1 or 2 streaks so you can get adjusted to keeping a streak alive.

What does making a streak "laughably simple" mean?

Laughably simple means you can do the activity even when you are tired, worn, or just not in the mood.

By making your streaks laughably simple, you overcome your brain’s natural rejection response to doing anything hard.

Keep it laughably simple and keep winning so when you have a lot of energy and enthusiasm, you can do more!

Consistency > Intensity

What is the difference between Streaking and habits?

"A habit is a behavior that has been repeated
enough times to become automatic.”James Clear

The truth is, most things don't ever become automatic no matter how many times you do it.(ie. working out, reading, sending a thoughtful text, ect)

Streaking is living an intentional life and choosing to improve, on purpose.

Can I form a group in the app?

Yes! Forming a group in the app is a great way to improve with others.

What happens when I break a streak?

Don't worry, it happens to everyone. The short answer
is to start again and aim towards setting your new record!

However, streaks are often broken because the streak is too difficult and not "laughably simple."

Download the app to start your first streak!