February 18, 2023

This Social Media App Wants you to Start Streaking. Here's Why You Should Do It.

Why you should get started on your Streaking journey with the Streaking App.

This Social Media App Wants you to Start Streaking. Here's Why You Should Do It.

There is a new app out there that has a different idea about how you can improve your life…by Streaking. Before you close this article thinking you just got fooled by clickbait, let’s reassure you that everyone on the Streaking App is fully clothed. Let’s also reassure you that Streaking works. Here’s why:

Streaking is simple. Your streak needs to be so simple that you can still do it on your hardest day. Include the phrase “at least” in your streak and then you can do more on easier days. The simplicity makes it harder for your brain to find excuses to not complete the action.

The record of your actions is vital in Streaking. If you don’t keep track, you don’t really have a Streak. This might seem like a minor thing, but the record is what encourages the Streak to live. When you know exactly how many days in a row you have accomplished something, you don’t want to break that chain.

Streaking involves a community. Streakers are amazing people and when they get together, magic happens. More than becoming accountability partners, Streaking communities are celebration partners. The encouragement and inspiration found in a Streaking community is extraordinary.

This is where the Streaking App comes in. Part Streak tracker, part social media, the Streaking App is a unicorn among apps. Nowhere else will you find a tracking app with the ability to so freely interact with other users. Nowhere else will you find a social media app with such a focus on action and improvement.

Don’t take our word for it! Download the Streaking App and try it yourself.