October 2, 2023

The Family that Streaks Together

The family that Streaks together grows and improves together! It's so easy to get started.

The Family that Streaks Together

The family that Streaks together…

“Mom! Can we check your streaks?” My two boys (4 and 2 years old) clamber into my lap and snuggle up. One by one, we go through the streaks I’ve done so far that day, and their pudgy fingers press the button to make “The Guy” (as they call him) appear. Sometimes we do a few missing streaks as we’re sitting there, such as reciting a memory verse or expressing gratitude.

Even now, at their young age, my boys are seeing the fruits of consistency. It’s a lost concept to many, doing something with dedication for an extended period. My boys are seeing firsthand how to make consistency simple and achievable every single day. One day they’ll need to practice an instrument, run drills for a sport, or memorize their multiplication tables, and they will already have the tools in place to make it happen. What a gift that is!

Streaking also manifests the values of their mother (and father, who also streaks) in concrete ways. Those build the culture of our family – a family that is kind, curious, active, diligent, creative, and spiritually-minded. By being intentional in our values, my husband and I are setting up our kids to have a strong sense of self and purpose as they grow up.

Even my relationship with my kids has shifted with the help of Streaking. They know I have streaks about them, like “read a book to kids every day” and “speak at least one word of Spanish with the kids.” Those are often their favorites to mark off, because they know that I am intentional about my relationship with them.

Streaking really is for the whole family. I have several Streaking friends whose kids also have streaks, and so I thought I’d see what my oldest would say about starting his own streak.

“You know how Mommy has streaks that she does every day?” I ask my four-year-old. He nods. “What is something you would like to do every day?” With only a few seconds of thought, he says, “Play.”

A solid place to start, my young padawan. Maybe I’ll adopt it, too.

Want to start Streaking with your family? Get started here https://www.thestreakingapp.com/download-the-streaking-app