February 11, 2023

Streaking and Habit: Streaking Meets Habit

This is the first in a series of essays accompanying the Streaking Shorts we have created starring Streaking and Habit.

Streaking and Habit: Streaking Meets Habit

When we first hear the term “streaking,” we all have the same reaction. We cover our eyes inside our minds to the image of someone running naked through the halftime show! We’re not talking about that kind of streaking, though. We’re talking about living your life intentionally through personal winning streaks.

The things we want most out of life don’t just happen on their own. Our life is made up of the choices we make, big and small. No matter how many times we decide to eat healthier, be more active, be kinder to others, or make the bed every day, those actions never become automatic. 

It’s time to try something different in your quest for self-improvement. It’s time to start Streaking. Instead of stripping down to your birthday suit, try stripping down your efforts to the laughably simple action. When you’ve completed your streak each day, make a record of your success on the app and watch your confidence grow. Then share your victory with your family, friends, and the Streaking community. It’s that easy!

No matter how you define it, Streaking is a celebration. It’s freedom, commitment, and the ultimate act of rebellion against what we’ve been told for years—that self-improvement must be complicated and expensive, or that one day it will become automatic.  With the Streaking community cheering you on, you’ll feel as triumphant as the most passionate and naked football fan! The great thing about Streaking with us, however, is that you’re significantly less likely to be arrested. 

So don’t be shy. Be a rebel and join the Streaking movement by downloading the app today.