February 11, 2023

Streaking and Habit: Streaking Has an App!

In the second Streaking Short-Habit learns that Streaking has an app. Why is that important?

Streaking and Habit: Streaking Has an App!

Check, check aaaand check. Your self-improvement gets a check-in every day with The Streaking App.

That’s right, an app. The Streaking app has everything you need to become the person you want to be, and you can start today. We make it easy to share how you’re winning every day and see how others are doing the same. We all know there’s power in community, and Streaking takes intentional self-improvement to the next level by connecting you with others.

Simply create your streaks in the app, decide how often you’re going to complete each one, and check them off as you finish them! It doesn’t end there though: share your streaks in the community feed to get encouragement and feedback from other Streakers! You can also like and comment on other posts from people just like you.

Whether you adopt a streak from another Streaker, start a group based around a common interest, or share a video of your latest Streaking milestone, the app provides the perfect platform to be cheered on as you work on self-improvement.

Gone are the days of starting and maintaining a habit all by yourself. No more asking to be kept accountable by someone who doesn’t remember to follow through. With The Streaking App, you have an instant community who has the same vision: self-improvement through simple steps, record-keeping, and solidarity.

Don’t be shy. Start Streaking with our community in the app!