April 30, 2024

Next Level Streaks: 3 Unique Ways to Make It Laughably Simple

We know that laughably simple is the secret sauce of Streaking. Here are 3 unique ways to make sure your Streaks are successfully simple.

Next Level Streaks: 3 Unique Ways to Make It Laughably Simple

I know that the first rule of MyStreaks is to keep it Laughably Simple. It’s the best way to keep a streak alive for the long haul. However, in the year and a half that I have been streaking, I’ve found there are practices in my life that I want to do consistently, but don’t fit the traditional MySteaks style. Here are three ways I’ve made it work.

1. Choose from a list.

My Artist’s List Streak shook up the community a bit when I first got on MyStreaks. Because of my myriad of hobbies, I needed a streak that would let me be consistently creative without overwhelming me.

Enter the Artist’s List. I made a list of all my creative outlets and turned each one into a streak. Crochet one row. Take one picture. Write two sentences. Play one note on an instrument. My streak is to choose one activity from the list every day. Sometimes I pick two or more! Each day I’m finding a way to be creative and enjoy the process.

2. Streak from an agenda

I’m a stay-at-home-mom. The days can quickly get away from me, or change trajectory at a moment’s notice. I used to have streaks to do daily household tasks, but they became a source of frustration. If a kid was sick or we spent a day at a friend’s house, I’d be stuck with a string of cleaning streaks to complete at 10pm. No thank you.

I switched to Streaking an agenda. I’ve followed the FlyLady system for years, which uses a “flight plan” checklist for each day. I’ve migrated that checklist into my phone, and set two streaks: one to check the list in the morning, and one to check it in the evening. Maybe I don’t get to every task on the checklist every day, but the streaks keep me aware of my daily jobs. The consistency stays, but the pressure is off.

3. Adjust the frequency

This strategy is Streaking 101, but it needs repeating. Streaks don’t have to be once a day, or even once a week! You can adjust the frequency in any way imaginable. One of my streaks is to only drink water after dinner. I do this four times a week. I wanted to discipline myself out of my late-night snacking, but I wanted flexibility for a movie night treat, or that last slice of pumpkin pie that is calling my name. I’ve found that even if I finish the streak on the 4th or 6th day of the week, I will still avoid the evening snacking for some of the remaining days! Tweaking the frequency of your streak can create the sweet spot of effective and easy.

I hope this next level Streaking tip helps you on your Streaking journey. For more Streaking knowledge check out this article about increasing your confidence through Streaking