February 11, 2023

New Features Alert

New navigation menu, create communities, adoptable streaks, and updated social feed

New Features Alert

The time has finally come! We are so excited for you to download Streaking so you can start improving your life on the world's first social platform for self improvement! Here are just a few of the new features we know you will love.

Create or Join a Community

Adding communities to the Streaking app is by far the greatest upgrade in this release and let's face it, Streaking with others is way more fun.

Streaking Communities > Facebook Groups

Community Features

  • Adopt streaks that are recommended by the community creator
  • View which community members have adopted streaks and see their streak length
  • Each community has their own personal feed for their posts

Adoptable Streaks

Not sure what to start Streaking? Or see a streak in the feed that you want to try out yourself? No problem! Next to each streak you will find the new "adopt" button that allows you to adopt the streaks of others. With this feature you will also be able to see how many other people are doing that exact same streak as you!