February 11, 2023

Advice For Your Future Self

When you look into the future do you see yourself as better or worse?

Advice For Your Future Self

When you look into the future do you see yourself as better or worse? Most people see themselves as better. Focusing on your future “better” state gives you justifying power for present reasons you don’t do now what your future self can do then.

“By the time I’m 40,” you say, “I’ll be fit, toned, and terrific, but I don’t need to start today.” This is a fool yourself line of thinking. To be who you want to be, at some future state, you need to do what you need to do right now today. Why though, do we put it off? Because the future state is so perfect, so wonderful, so much better, that we can't possibly do what is needed now to get to where we want to be then. Like the illusive rainbow, your future self is always the same distance away no matter how close you draw toward it.

All; however, is not lost. You can become that person you envision and to do it you start Streaking. The future all mighty you is not going to happen without working on the flawed imperfect present you. Deciding now to do something about the future you will stop the rainbow from moving, instead it will grow roots and you can reach it.

Roots grow laughably little every day. The sapling tree growing next to a concrete sidewalk is no threat when it is young, but as it grows the roots rip up and crack the oh so powerful concrete. Against the consecutive laughably small growing roots the rock-hard concrete stands no chance. First concrete can’t move and second it cant grow. Concrete must submit to the will of the tree. Have you walked over concrete that has been heaved heavenward by ever growing roots? It is spectacular.

As you consider your future self, don’t set a goal to be Adonis or Helena instead set streaks to live in the present. See yourself here and now doing the laughably simple to achieve the amazingly awesome. Experience what being consecutive contributes to your life. Suspend your disbelief and take a step of faith.

When you get up in the morning rather than thinking about setting out on a long run, instead set a streak to lace up your shoes at least one time daily. At work, rather than thinking you will one day get to the leadership development you promised yourself, review at least one development flash card daily. Instead of thinking how you will call your kid in the future, do the laughably simple and send a text now. There is no future state that can replace the priceless present. You cannot drink from a firehose and expect to be hydrated for the next three weeks.

Lily, a ballet dancer, once said, “You cannot stretch for two hours one day and expect to be limber for two weeks.” Stop setting your sites on some future state, look at the here and now and do the laughably little every day.